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    Kevin Wicks, PT

    Physical Therapist, Owner

    Kevin graduated from Northeastern University in 1993 with a bachelors degree in physical therapy. His experience over the last 24 years has been fairly diverse, including neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s. However recently he has focused on orthopedic conditions, both surgical and non-surgical.

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    Tom Gilberti, AT/L

    Licensed Athletic Trainer, Owner

    Tom brings 25 years of experience in the rehabilitation field. A 1992 graduate from the University of West Florida, Tom has worked with a wide variety of people, which included amateur, professional, and Olympic athletes. Those experiences not only help his professional growth but also his reputation in the local community. Treating all disciplines, Tom’s area of expertise is with shoulder pathologies.

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    Occupational Therapist

    Tiffany isan Occupational Therapist and Certified Hand Therapist with 27 years ofexperience. She has worked in Geriatric,Pediatrics, Driving Program, Acute care, and Inpatient rehabilitation, but has most of her experience in outpatient Hand/Upper Extremity Orthopedic treatment, worked in since 1996. She received aB.A. in Psychology from Ohio State University in 1991 and a B.S. in Occupational Therapy from Eastern Michigan University in 1995. In 2004, she received a certification inkinesiotaping (CKTP) and in 2017, her certification in hand therapy (CHT).  

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    Don Herc, PT​

    Physical Therapist

    In practice for 16 years, Don specializes in post surgical joint replacement therapy, neck and back pathologies including intervertebral disc herniations, sciatica, spinal stenosis, pelvis imbalances, and leg length discrepancies. He is a 2001 graduate from the University of Eindhoven, in the Netherlands with concentration in manual therapy.


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